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Messi quiets down all of the confusions about his future in Camp Nou

Mon 28 December 2020 | 0:37

He explains that Barcelona matters to him and he is not going to



 is my life"

, said


, trying to quiet down all the fuss around him about his departure from Camp Nou.

The 33-year-old still seems to be thinking about his future decision as

Manchester City


Paris Saint-German

are still eagerly hoping to win him.

As the club is struggling with financial problems now, partly due to the pandemic, it is unlikely to give Messi an offer as much as the other sides do.

He now has said that the city and the club mean so much to him as he has spent 20 years in the club.

"I've been living in Barcelona for longer than in 


 and I learned everything here. The club trained me as a player,"

, he said.

"I know that the club is going through a very difficult time at club level and everything that surrounds Barcelona is difficult but I am looking forward to it."

He confirmed that he will discuss the matters with Barcelona at the first step and he also mentioned that he was not really satisfied with the way that

Josep Maria

, Former president of the club, handled the situation.

Adding few words about what he said previously about his departure, he added:

"I felt that it was the moment for change and I wanted to leave and I wanted to do well.

"Then all that trouble was put together. The president at that time did not want me to leave and began to filter things to make me look bad and to be the bad guy in the movie and everything that happened, but I am still calm that what I did was what I felt and what I should have done at that time."

source: SportMob