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Stones is happy with his form

Sun 27 December 2020 | 23:58

Manchester City defender talks about his performance.


has gained


trust again and found his way back into

Manchester City’s

lineup and has been improving himself even more since the beginning of the season.

The England international thinks that his improvements are the results of his hard work he also thinks that he can perform even better.

“It makes you realize how hard you have worked and that the hard work is paying off,"

the former Everton defender said ahead of Monday's night return to Goodison Park


"It makes you realize how special it is to be out there and also to realize that when other players aren’t playing, how they feel and what you should do for them when you are on the pitch.

"There are a lot of aspects you can look at but it is something you cannot take for granted. There is always twists and turns and you have got to grab it with both hands and enjoy it and that is what I am doing.

"I am really enjoying my football. It always makes it easier when you are winning and keeping clean sheets but I am just trying to move in the right direction and to keep trying to become better as a player and as a team.”

source: SportMob