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Mount: ‘Have to be harsh on ourselves, Arsenal defeat a tough lesson’

Sun 27 December 2020 | 18:38

Chelsea have climbed down the Premier League table to Seventh place following their unforeseen loss against Arsenal on Saturday.

The Blues midfielder

Mason Mount

believes he and his squad should be harsher as they aim to push back after their thumping 3-1 defeat by




came on the pitch as the favourites to grab all three points but left empty-handed. The England international warns his side to take from the defeat what has been taught and make up for their poor performance later on.

We have to be harsh on ourselves. We can’t start a game like that and expect not to be 2-0 down at half-time. It is a tough lesson and we need to learn that and we need to do better the next time,

” he said.

It is something where we need to look at ourselves as players. We didn’t start the game anywhere near what we should be. We are representing Chelsea, we’re a big club and we really need to look at ourselves as players and say that was not good enough. We know that it is a big London derby and we need to start the game way better than we did.”

The 21-year-old is spreading determination on his team-mates to bounce back as they are set to face

Aston Villa

on Monday.

We are big players so we can get together and really bounce back after that performance,

” he added.

It is probably better we have that quick turnaround because now we look at another game. The Arsenal one is gone, there are still big things we need to work on but now we have that one day before our next game and we can put it in the back of our heads and really go into Villa with a strong mindset, starting the game very well and hopefully doing well in the game.

Frank Lampard’s side is suffering the third defeat in their previous four games which saw them seventh on the Premier League table. Their final game of the year is with Villa and they will go into battle with

Manchester City

in New Year.

source: SportMob