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Sean Dyche on Burnley's defeat to Leeds United

Sun 27 December 2020 | 18:04

After their 1-0 loss to their guests, Dyche expressed his frustration with his men claiming that the match decisions played against his team.



Sean Dyche

, expressed his disappointment with the match officials after their 1-0 defeat to

Leeds United

. Though Burnley could have scored an equalizer at the 17th minute, the referee decided not to grant them the chance after accusing

Ben Mee

of making a foul.

Dyche talked about the disallowed goal:

“Ben Mee does nothing other than clearly attempt to win a header. He doesn’t even look at the man.”

“The keeper comes out, knees him in the back, drops the ball and somehow that’s a foul on him and it’s an impossibility, even allowing for the protection of keepers.”

“So I’m incredibly frustrated, and lots of other decisions, but they’re two very important decisions that have gone against us.”

Dyche, who believed Leeds were not worthy of their penalty, added:

“Popey got the ball. You can tell by the trajectory of the ball, so I’m amazed, no I’m not amazed, because at the very top of the game they’ve said they want more penalties.”

“There is a directive, I understand that, but ironically we’ve only had one in 24 games, which is bizarre in itself.”

Despite being the losing side, Burnley succeeded in pressuring Leeds in the second-half.

“They had a bright start – poor shape from us and they got in behind us,”

Dyche added.

“Second half we were terrific, out-ran them and out-performed them.”

“Credit to them, they’ve been working hard to get a clean sheet. I’m certainly not not giving them credit.”

“But we had so many chances to find the final key pass or finish (in the second half) and didn’t.”

Marcelo Bielsa

also talked about their tough win over Burnley, saying:

“We hung on to the result. In the final part of the second half and perhaps in the whole second half, it was the game that they were proposing they wanted to play.”

“We weren’t able to stop them playing how they wanted, to neutralise them and although we defended fiercely, the opponent had chances to score.”

Leeds currently sit 11th in the

Premier League

table and Bielsa, who is happy with his men’s persistence, said

: “It was an energetic and valiant effort by the guys and very decisive.”

source: SportMob