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I avoid media coverage after our poor results - Wilder

Sun 27 December 2020 | 16:09

Wilder does not follow the press and media due to his team's poor results.

Sheffield United

boss Chris Wilder has claimed that the team's poor results have prevented him from reaching out to the media during this time.

Sheffield United lost to Everton yesterday to root their place at the bottom of the table without winning their 15 Premier League games. Sheffield midfielder Ben Osborn has claimed that he is ashamed of his side's recent results, and now coach Wilder has confirmed that he feels the same way about the current situation.

Wilder told reporters:"

“Yeah I think we all are, we’re not enjoying it.

“People are chucking everything at it. I don’t think we are the worst team in the Premier League, but the points are what it’s there for. You have to win games as well as play OK, but of course it’s a feeling of that.

“You don’t want to put the TV on, you don’t want to listen to things. I’ve never listened to Radio 4 in my life, but they don’t do any football or sport, so I’m learning so many weird and wonderful things about life now, having been in this bubble of football for 35 years.

“So it does feel that way. But it won’t if we start winning games. Ben (Osborn) is an incredibly honest footballer, who yet again is another one that left everything out there last night. If the players are feeling it (embarrassment) I can understand it.

“But it doesn’t mean you hide away. You’ve got to stick your head up and puff out your chest. And I believe the support is definitely still with us. If there’s embarrassment, it’s certainly not about performances, and certainly not about disharmony in the group. But it is most certainly about two points from 15 games: that doesn’t leave you with a feeling of anything else.”



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