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Robinson is mad about SFA’s timing.

Sun 27 December 2020 | 16:23

Stephen Robinson talks about the SFA appeals announcement.


boss is mad at


because they announced the decision in the morning of their match.

SFA decided that the matches that were considered to be forfeited due to the COVID-19 are now considered suspended and the 3-0 wins are cancelled and following that verdict six points were taken from Motherwell.



“The timing of the SFA’s announcement was well thought out wasn’t it?

“The day of a game? Maybe people could use their brains and announce it on a Monday – I’m certain they didn’t meet on Christmas Day.

“We haven’t shouted or screamed about points or not having points. We haven’t done anything wrong and are willing to play the games as we always were.

“We are not in control of that and have never shouted our mouths off.

“I have got to be careful of what I say – but the announcement on the day of a game isn’t ideal.

“Based on the performance it didn’t affect the players preparation.

“It was a brilliant performance and we had enough chances to win two or three games.

“If people actually use their brains then great – that announcement doesn’t have any impact on a Monday.

“I don’t think a lot of nous has been used in that announcement.”

source: SportMob