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Brady says that Arteta needs more time

Sun 27 December 2020 | 12:42

Gunners former star talks about Arteta and Arsenal.


former player


says that Arsenal’s former situation is the result of former board’s actions and wrong transfers and


needs more time to bring the club back among the top clubs in the Premier League.

“There was a constant battle for control on spending on transfers and contracts with Wenger,"

Brady, who made over 200 apperances for the Gunners between 1973 and 1980, said on the Keys and Gray Podcast


 “If you look at Gazidis’s track record on buying players and that of Raul Sanllehi – who has recently left the club – the money that’s been spent in the last five or six years, you’re talking £300 to 350 million.

“Just look at the players we have signed under Sanllehi alone. Pepe for £72m. Lille have never sold a player for £72m. Gazidis had this idea he wanted to take the power of signing players away from the manager.

 “Look at the team we’ve got now. There’s not one player we have bought apart from Gabriel Martinelli – a relatively cheap signing – who is worth any more than we paid for them.

“Look at all the rest, none of them are worth what we paid for them. You’d be lucky to get half of the cash back now in an open market.

“We didn’t challenge the Champions League positions and we got into Europe because we won the FA Cup. Arsenal fans aren’t stupid. They are looking at the team thinking: ‘This isn’t going to challenge the top four’.

“Unless things change with the owners and board we will be treading water for the next few years. I feel sorry for Mikel Arteta, having to unravel all this.

“It’s going to take time. I can’t see them getting back to the top unless you’ve got a brilliant manager. Arteta might be that - there’s been pluses and minuses so far - but he’s got to be given time to make sense of this.”

source: SportMob