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We must remain humble-Milan CEO

Sun 27 December 2020 | 10:55

Ivan Gazidis talks about the conditions of the team and the club's presidents.

Milan CEO Ivan Gazidis discussed his programs for the future of the Rossoneri.

We want to make the fans proud, but in order to make them believe in something we must be the first one to have belief. We need to have faith in what we do, it’s not easy, it’s not enough to just say it,

” the former Arsenal director said.

We need to be humble, because we’ve won nothing, we are not at the end of our path. If, even for a moment, we feel satisfied, we are dead. We must continue to work, and this is a process that makes us happy

,” he continued.

“For now, we do not set targets. We must remain humble, we will make mistakes, but we learn from them and with a common vision we can overcome them.

“When I was 28 I went to the USA to create the MLS. People thought I was crazy, they thought it was impossible to create a professional league over there, I see some similarities.”


said the Rossoneri must have the courage to win the Scudetto.

"The season is long and I don’t want to impose limits on the dreams of players and fans. Chasing dreams and believing in our abilities is important, but dreams are not enough. We need preparation and teamwork too. With all these ingredients everything is possible. I have my dreams and also my nightmares.

“I see less young players who don’t have the money as their goal, but something that can make them enrich in another way, starting with motivations.”

How is the relationship with the Elliott Fund?

“Paul is a fan, but the ownership is different from those that characterized some Italian clubs in the past. Elliott does not set any time limits regarding the management of the club. As for Gordon, he is also a football lover, he follows Milan and he texts me during games. However, they will never call me to say: ‘I want you to change the coach’ or ‘This player is not doing well.’

“The ownership believes in is a serious project, with a clear strategy, that can bring the club back to a high level.

“Milan are not just a football club. We are an important global community, starting from the city of Milan.

“The club is an institution for the country and for the world. We have a great responsibility, and the ownership is fully aware of it.”



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source: SportMob