Tony Mowbray says Blackburn donated Sheffield Wednesday their goal

Sun 27 December 2020 | 7:49

Blackburn boss, Tony Mowbray believed his team gifted Sheffield Wednesday a goal “on a plate” after a disappointing 1-1 draw.

Adam Reach’s goal four minutes before the break impressively put the visitors ahead, before Blackburn ultimately scored in the 76th minute through Joe Rothwell’s powerful strike.


have been victorious only once in their last six plays.


said his team’s defensive error “handed” the goal to Reach and also remarked the disorder caused by injuries.

“For me, we handed it to him (Reach) on a plate really didn’t we? It wasn’t dangerous, it wasn’t an attack as such, it was miscommunication between defenders who should have been in control."



“In their defence, it hasn’t been a very consistent backline. Bradley Johnson played centre-half last week. It’s not easy to be out two to three weeks and come back into the intensity with a manager on the sidelines trying to drive you.

“It’s not as if we have had weeks and weeks of working on our back four because they haven’t been fit. Daniel (Ayala) was thrown in again having been injured on crutches a week ago. I don’t want to be too harsh on them.

“It’s not as if we’ve conceded loads of chances and the keeper is making save after save. And yet they are all tight games."

The Owls do not have a triumph in the league since October, and however the performance was encouraging, Pulis explained a “

real concern

” in his team's habit.

He stated:

“Ever since I’ve come into the football club, the players have been giving everything they’ve got.

“They worked really hard today against a good Blackburn team, who’ve got good players and are always a threat. They play very open and expansive.

“Overall, you would have taken a point before the game. But then, that’s the fifth time this year, and I’ve only been here 10 games, where we’ve been winning and not seen it out, which is a real concern in lots of ways.

“We’ve had chances at the other end to make it two, and that finishes the game.

“Really disappointing (equaliser). That’s twice now, people have backed off.

“Norwich did similar to us around the edge of the box. People have to get up to the ball and squeeze inside the pitch.

“They’ve got to be really brave in their decision-making to get to the ball. He’s in the box when he side-foots it in, which is completely and utterly ridiculous."



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