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Pochettino will aim for Dele Alli once he takes over PSG

Sat 26 December 2020 | 17:15

The former Spurs manager is expected to reunite with his ex-man in the Ligue 1 club once his coaching duty starts in the French capital.



 manager and the heavily linked to 

Paris Saint-Germain


Mauricio Pochettino

, is reported to be aiming to shatter


dreams about signing

Dele Alli

once he takes over Tuchel’s position with PSG. Alli, who has been dropped from Jose Mourinho’s current line-up, continues to be a secondary option for the Spurs coach.

Alli has already been linked to Everton thanks to his tactics and scoring skills, but it is more likely that Pochettino will intervene and snatch the player for his new squad in January. If the Englishman joins PSG, he is expected to play alongside Everton’s on loan player,

Moise Kean


source: SportMob