Gerrard’s ‘brutal low’ at Liverpool motivates him to thrive at Rangers

Sat 26 December 2020 | 12:47

Former Liverpool captain hailed Jurgen Klopp’s side as they grabbed the title last season and he is trying to do the same as he leads Scottish Premiership club Rangers.


losing the

Premier League

in 2014 when

Steven Gerrard

was captain, really pushed the English manager to thrive in leading


to be titleholders in the Scottish Premiership this season.

Liverpool were so close to winning the Premier League title in 2014 but they have come undone as they lacked two points from

Manchester City

. Gerrard’s slip, which led to a tragic 2-0 defeat to


, was mocked by plenty of their opponent’s supporters. This season, however, the Reds are boosted to win the title.

Rangers are 16 points ahead, leading the Scottish Premiership table as they will go into battle with


, who were not defeated in the last 10 games.

Yes, it’s definitely a motivation,”

Gerrard said. “

Having that happen and how it happened towards the end of my Liverpool career was a real, brutal low for me


As a group and a team and a club, it was a big disappointment because we came so close. The fact they’ve won the title since then and are current champions - which is fantastic for me to see - has certainly helped the healing, but from a personal point of view, having a big high as a coach and manager would certainly contribute to that healing as well.”

“The next trophy will be a big deal,

” Gerrard added. “

There have been a lot of stepping stones and progression. The statistics make for good reading if you go year-by-year, but the reality is that we’ve got to deliver silverware.

“This club is built on success. It’s a very traditional, historic club and there’s a big spotlight and responsibility to deliver trophies. Progress is not enough. Statistics are not enough. You’ve got to deliver, it’s as simple as that.

“The main aim in my first year was to try to get a bit of pride and respect back. They were suffering some heavy defeats. Players were hurt, fans were hurt.

“We got the fans smiling again, feeling a bit of belief. We showed improvements in the first year. In the second year, we showed we can compete and in the third year the challenge is, ‘Can we go the full distance rather than six months and fall away? Can we be there and challenge come the end of the season?’”

source: SportMob