Rodgers: ‘The players believe in what they are doing’

Sat 26 December 2020 | 7:11

Brendan Rodgers believes Leicester is in a better position compared to last season and thinks football needs unpredictable results in order to keep the fans enthusiastic.



Brendan Rodgers

believes his side are more mature and developed than last season.

Although 2019-20 was still an impressive season for Leicester as they ended up fifth, they are now in a better position and are the closest challengers to

Premier League

table leaders Liverpool.

“This Christmas, compared to last Christmas, it's a different feeling. There's a feeling of maturity and development,” Rodgers said.

“The team is growing the longer we are together. That's only a good sign if you want to be continuously improving.

“Last season was probably the first time in a number of years where the team had been right up there so that feeling was new to a lot of the players and that can lead to some inconsistency.

“We are up there again so we've shown over these last 18 months there's a nice progression but you've also got to keep that humility and keep working well.

“The players believe in what they are doing. There is a nice quiet confidence and we are winning games like at Tottenham on Sunday.

“When people talk about the top six, their definition is the top six budgets. I don't think it's about where you are as a football team.

“We don't have the finances of the top six but let's see if we can work in a different way to get in there. 

“We were able to do that last season and let's see if we can do it again this season.”

Rodgers believes in order to keep the fans enthusiastic, the sport needs great surprises such as when Leicester won the title in 2015-16 and shocked everyone.

“For everyone in football [unpredictability] is so important. Nobody would want to have the same teams up there all the time. There has to be the possibility for the great story,” he added.

source: SportMob