Wright on Martinez’s move from Arsenal

Thu 24 December 2020 | 15:58

The Gunners legend believes selling the stopper was not the right call by the team and Martinez should have stayed with Arsenal.

According to Ian Wright, selling

Emi Martinez


Aston Villa

was a wrong decision by


since the goalkeeper has proven to worth more than his actual transfer deal, which was £20 million ($27m) at the time.  

Though Martinez did earn a spot as a regular for the Gunners, after the return of

Bernd Leno

from injury he was sent back to being the second-option again. Wright, who saw the Argentine move to Aston Villa, believes the player made the right-decision by prioritizing his career, but it would have made him happier to see Martinez with Arsenal.

Since his departure, Arsenal have been struggling with their substitute stopper,

Runar Alex Runarsson

, while Martinez continues to thrive with Aston Villa.

Wright, who claims the Gunners are unable to keep a useful option on their team, insists that their bad decision has led them to one of their worst campaigns.

“The thing with Emi is, I always look at players like that, he’s 26, 27, and he’s just said ‘I’m leaving’, it’s about me, and I admire that.,”

said Wright.

“I think that, even though towards the end I went to Burnley and I went to Scotland because it was a great experience to go to Scotland at that stage of my career, but during the meat and bones of my career, I don’t think I would have had that in me to say I’m leaving.”

“You have to admire that, now look at him, he’s one of the best goalkeepers in the Premier League.”

Martinez, who walked  away from the team despite Arsenal withdrawal from their decision to let him go, has proven to his former home what a valuable player they have lost with his amzing skills.

source: SportMob