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Lampard hails Tammy Abraham

Thu 24 December 2020 | 14:33

After becoming one of the youngest players to score his 20th goal with the Blues, Lampard took the time to praise his young player.



Tammy Abraham

, became the second-youngest footballer to score 20 Premier League goals for the Blues in their 3-0 win over

West Ham

. The team’s coach,

Frank Lampard

, feeling proud of his man, said:

“I’m very pleased with his form, and Tammy offers a lot.”

“We saw that the other night against West Ham and we’ve seen that this season whenever he’s played.”

“Tammy and Olivier Giroud have offered us a lot in their own way at different times.”

“Now he just has to keep working and keep progressing.”

“Last season was a great, real breakthrough season for him in terms of Premier League and being Chelsea’s number nine, and there’s more work he can do.”

“I’m very happy with him.”

For their upcoming matches Chelsea will face



Aston Villa


Having several players including

Ben Chilwell


Reece James

, and

Hakim Ziyech

missing for injury will force Lampard to bring some alterations into his squad.

“Hakim won’t be fit for Arsenal but he’s not a long-term concern,”

Lampard said.

“In fact we hope to have him back in the next week or so, and have him offering what he was offering before – because he was offering great things, and you miss that when he’s taken away.”

“But that’s football, that’s the squad, that’s what happens when players are playing at a very high level every two or three days.”

The Blues coach later talked about their next encounter with


and their current struggles with

Mikel Arteta

, saying:

“I don’t want to talk about what their battle is, they’re just a good team with a good manager.”

“They’ve had some tough results recently but the general way of the Premier League this season for every team it’s been more inconsistent than it’s been in probably previous seasons for most teams.”

“It’s not my concern exactly where they are at, my concern is the team at face value, in terms of quality, and they are a high-quality team.”

“We have to prepare to take on the best possible Arsenal.”

source: SportMob