Puyol thinks that Messi can play at the highest level

Thu 24 December 2020 | 11:17

Barcelona’s former star thinks that Messi’s prime years aren’t over yet.


former star,


, thinks that


is still capable of playing at the highest level as he keeps breaking records.

“He is now 33 years old and takes care of himself,”

Puyol told Goal


“He is motivated and eager, and I think he has three or four years to go at this level if he is lucky enough to not have any major injuries and if he continues playing with the same desire to improve and keep winning, with that motivation.

“I think we still have Leo for a while.”

He went on talking about the reason why Messi is still playing with such a quality.

“I am sure that talent is not enough.

“Talent is needed, of course, but also work and dedication, a desire to learn and be motivated to seek new challenges every day. We have seen it in Messi.

He is not the same player today as he was when he started. He has been adding records and improving, he is a very complete player who can set the rhythm of the game, score free kicks, goals, give assists. He does practically everything!

“In the beginning he was very good, but one of those players who you give the ball and he does his individual move. He made the difference and scored goals.

“He was already very good [at a young age], but over the years he has become an even more impressive player, the best of all time.”

source: SportMob