‘Messi the best footballer of all time’ – Puyol

Wed 23 December 2020 | 10:26

The Barcelona captain has netted his 644th goal for his side breaking Pele’s record.

The Argentina international

Lionel Messi

will be known as the greatest footballer in history after going past


’s record of most goals netted for one club, according to

Carles Puyol



's Messi finding the back of the net in the clash against


put his goals tally to 644, one more than Pele’s for Santos.

Puyol, who was once Messi’s teammate, is determined that the six-time Ballon d’Or winner will be considered the best footballer of all time.

If you ask me who Michael Jordan is, I will say that he is the best basketball player in history,

” Puyol said.

I think Messi will have the same status – the best footballer of all time. It is also talked about whether Michael Jordan is the best in history, and these are opinions, and sometimes it is difficult to be objective. It is difficult for a Real Madrid fan to recognise that Messi is the best.

“We have been lucky to have him but I really say, taking away the feeling of being a cule, that the numbers are there, these have not been invented and they show that he is the best


For any other player to surpass Messi’s record will not be an easy task as he broke Pele and Diego Maradona’s records, according to Puyol.

He added: “

Now, we say no, but hopefully in the future there will be someone better. For football and sport lovers, it would be good because we would see incredible things.

“I see it being difficult, if not impossible, for someone to be at that level for so many years but we will have to wait and, for now, enjoy Leo.

“Firstly, I have been very fortunate to be able to play with him and with this generation of footballers, and to have done so with the team of my heart.

“I am very proud of the work we did together.

“The beginning of my career was difficult because I went five years without winning anything, but then we managed to win it all and, to this day, we are the only club that has won six titles in the same year.

“I continue to trust that a Barcelona led by Leo will continue to win titles.

“I don’t know if he has much more to achieve. He still has to win a title with the national team.

“I am not Argentine but I would be excited for him because I think he deserves it and I know he really wants to do it.

“At Barcelona, he has already beaten all the records and I don’t know if there will be anyone who can fight with him in the future because he has set the bar very high.”

source: SportMob