Ancelotti Jr compares Calvert-Lewin to Ronaldo

Wednesday23 December 2020 | 9:54
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The Everton coach is finding similarities between the striker and the legend who won five Ballon d’Or.

Davide Ancelotti

is comparing the “special player”

Dominic Calvert-Lewin


Cristiano Ronaldo

. Since 2019, when Carlo Ancelotti joined the Toffees, the England international has been pulling off a significant performance. The 23-year-old has met the back of the net 14 times in 16 matches this season and led


to sit fourth on the

Premier League


The England manager Gareth Southgate was pleased enough with Calvert-Lewin’s performance to play him regularly.

Manchester United

is taking a huge interest in the England international.

Carlo Ancelotti has imparted wisdom to many including Ronaldo Nazario, Filippo Inzaghi, David Trezeguet, and Didier Drogba and Ancelotti Jr is taking after his father’s legacy. He believes the striker Calvert-Lewin is proving to have the same potential Juventus talisman Ronaldo has.

I think he has all [the attributes] to be the same,"

Ancelotti Jr said.

Of course, he is at the beginning of his way. But as I said, game-by-game, I’m seeing big improvements. Also in training he is working very hard to improve.

“The special ability he has, that all the big talents have, is that he knows his body really well. He knows his feelings really well and that’s not so common.

“For example, [Cristiano] Ronaldo was a player like this. He was able to understand his body.

“He is a special player. He has fantastic abilities.

“Game-by-game you can see his improvement and how he is able to make the difference in this league. It’s not easy to make the difference.

“Especially from a physical point of view, it’s difficult to see a player in this league that is better than the others because the level is really high.

“But Dominic is able to impress from this point of view


Carlo Ancelotti’s son admitted that their significant start of the season can be compared with that of


when Jurgen Klopp started his reign.

If you look at the starting line-up when Klopp came in, it was completely different [to now],

” he said.

With the planning, to be patient and to try to build year-by-year, you can reach objectives if you are ambitious. Everton is ambitious.

“Last year we arrived in 12th place and this is just the second year, so we don’t have to think we are going to win the league. We don’t have to put too big objectives for us.

“But we have to be competitive as we’ve shown in the last three games [in wins over Chelsea, Leicester and Arsenal], build the mentality year-by-year and improve the team year-by-year.

“Everton can follow the way Liverpool have in the last years.”

source: SportMob