Grobbelaar: ‘We are blessed with so many good goalkeepers’

Mon 21 December 2020 | 11:44

Bruce Grobbelaar believes the Reds are ‘blessed with so many good goalkeepers’ as they are reliable covers for Alisson Becker.


’s first-choice goalkeeper

Alisson Becker

has been unavailable for a long time.

He has missed six games this season due to hip and shoulder injuries and he also missed 14 matches in 2019-20 because of his calf and hip problems.

Former Liverpool goalkeeper

Bruce Grobbelaar

has questioned Becker’s training regime and believes the Reds are ‘blessed’ to have reliable replacements like



Caoimhin Kelleher


“When you look at last season, Alisson got injured in the first game of the season, then Adrian picks up and does very well,” Grobbelaar said.

“Alisson comes back and they win the league by plenty and all of a sudden, he is injured again and it is almost 'hold up, what is he doing in training?' That is my question.

“For him to get injured, I would ask what is he doing in training?

“He has been unlucky and picked up injuries but whoever we have put in goal has done the business.

“We are blessed with so many good goalkeepers at Liverpool Football Club.

“I am going to go down the pecking order and there is a Polish kid there, Kamil Grabara, and he is only around the same age as Kelleher. He is looking very good, so we've picked up some good goalkeepers on our rounds.”

Grobbelaar believes Kelleher has proved himself a reliable and worthy cover for Becker and he could have a bright future at the club.

“He must have been on a downer because he let in seven [for the Under-23s] at the weekend before [the Ajax game] against Manchester City,” Grobbelaar added.

“And then Alisson gets injured, he gets thrown in and people are asking 'well, what has happened to Adrian?' But he comes in and is superb and I am glad because I like the way he plays.

“He has got good feet and he's got a little bit of spring in his step too. He is very confident with good distribution, so we're not too bad in goalkeeping terms.

“That's what competition is about, 'I am going to get above you, no matter how. And when I am sitting there, you will have to get above me now'. That is how it should be for goalkeepers.

“One hundred percent he is learning because he is training with a world-class keeper, you can only get better. So training with Alisson Becker and the fact he helps with what I see at the training with his technique.

“Working with great goalkeepers can only make a young goalkeeper grow in stature.”

source: SportMob