‘Rivals smell blood’ – Wright warns Arsenal

Mon 21 December 2020 | 10:56

The Arsenal legend is determined that the Gunners will not be eliminated but he acknowledges that they should take action in January.

Ian Wright

is worried that


will be pulled into a relegation competition this season, warning the Gunners’ boss that blood can be smelled.

Arsenal faced another defeat at


and their last victory was over Manchester United on November 1.

A poor run of form has placed the Gunners 15th on the

Premier League

table and only four points above the relegation place. Arsenal may have things go south before they get better even when Thomas Partey recovers from injury.

The Arsenal legend said: “

I think they’ve come out and backed him [Arteta] – and rightly so, he’s a good coach – and they’re going to have to have to do something for him in January.

“I think with the current players he’s got – I’m not saying Arsenal are going to go down, of course I’m not saying that – if you can’t arrest that slide, you will get dragged in.

“And then you’re going to be under real pressure to get yourselves out of it, then people have to perform to a certain level to get yourselves out of it. Because other teams can smell that blood and they will go for you. It’s a very ruthless league.

“What we saw, especially with the goals [conceded] and the way they’re playing, not a lot of creation and even when they did there weren’t enough people in the box.

“What you want is, if you’re not scoring enough, you make sure you’re defending resolutely. You’ve got to be tighter on people.

“I thought the set-piece goal was poor. I thought the lead up to Everton’s first goal could have been avoided and all about hard work, getting close to people and making it more difficult for them.

“Arsenal are going through a phase at the moment where they do not seem to be able to create the kind of chances that are giving them opportunities to score, so they have to be exemplary in another area and it’s defending.”

source: SportMob