“Willian was a lazy recruitment” – Adams

Mon 21 December 2020 | 10:14

Questions were raised regarding the recruitment of the Brazilian from Chelsea.

According to

Tony Adams

, snaping up the out of form


was not a wise decision when

Mikel Arteta

also claimed that Arsene Wenger would never have risked a 32-year-old as a forward.

When a three-year contract was signed over the Brazil international, many were surprised. However, Willian has proved qualified over at


and was from a two-time

Premier League

winner side.

It was expected of the 32-year-old, however, to adapt seamlessly and prove creative as


were lacking Mesut Ozil, who evidently cannot be replaced, and not off to a good start. Many criticisms has been thrown Willian’s way courtesy of his not very inspiring performances.

After the Everton defeat, the Arsenal legend said: “

That's lazy recruitment for me. You've got to really question the recruitment process at Arsenal at the moment.

“We've had some wonderful players and wonderful principles under Arsene Wenger. He went for a young player; you wouldn't have even considered Willian if Arsene was still in control at the club.

“For him a forward over the age of 30, physiologically he doesn't think he can get that player to consistently to perform to the levels that Arsene would want him to get, it wouldn't even have been on the agenda.

“This is a straightforward agent recommendation, he's got the same agent as the sports director [Edu] so it's an easy option for him, three-year contract, there we go. I think it's really poor recruitment.

“And to have someone like Willian, one shot in 12 games. I'm like, 'Hold on, put [Joe] Willock out there'. We've got [Gabriel] Martinelli back in there. You've got other options.”

source: SportMob