Lampard uses the greats of the Premier League to defends Havertz

Sat 19 December 2020 | 20:08

Although the German playmaker has not yet been able to find his way in English football, the coach will be patient with him.

Franks Lampard

believes that

Kai Havertz

’s slow start at



“no problem”

and he is eager to point out that  

“some of the greatest players the

Premier League

has seen have taken time to succeed”.

Havertz joined Chelsea in the summer transfer window with a £70 million contract.

Among negotiations with other teams across Europe, he decided to continue his career in England.

Lampard believes that Havertz is at the beginning of the road and it will take some time for foreign players to get used to playing in the Premier League.

He told

: “I think 4-3-3 suits him. Before his Covid period, he was playing very well on the right side in the number eight position for us and I think he can play various positions for us, but of course, consistency in a position is sometimes a good thing and that’s what I want to get for him.

“When you look and you really analyze what’s happened here, Kai came in without any form of pre-season, just started to play really well early in the season and gets Covid, and now comes back and all eyes are on him because of the price tag. But I think we must have huge perspective here.

“Some of the greatest players the Premier League has seen have taken time to succeed in the Premier League. I’m not saying it will take a long time for Kai, but I think we have to give him a bit of time to settle in on and off the pitch, and that’s what’s happening. I’m very happy with him, I’ve got no problem with him, but for Chelsea fans and for us we must give him time.”





source: SportMob