Flick talks about FIFA’s best coach award

Sat 19 December 2020 | 9:25

Bayern’s boss Flick has talked about the FIFA awards.

Hansi Flick

didn’t win The Best FIFA Men's Coach award, Despite his amazing performance with

Bayern Munich


The award was given to

Jurgen Klopp

who led Liverpool to their first PL title in 30 years.

"We always take this like sportsmen. 'Kloppo' for sure deserved this title as well with his staff. The same as my staff would have deserved it."

Flick said about not winning the award.

"Life goes on. Of course, we were a little disappointed last night, which is normal.

"If you get among the top three, you also want to win. We live in a society of performance, so we also would have liked to win.

"But everything goes on, we have new goals to attain. Now, this is closed. The team has attained exceptional results. With Manu [Neuer] and Robert, we have two of the best players.

"Robert as best footballer and Manu as best goalkeeper, and Joshua Kimmich, Alphonso Davies in the world XI ... Thiago [Alcantara] as well, although he is with Liverpool now unfortunately.

"So we can say that this has been an exceptional season for us."

Despite the coach's disappointment, Bayern Munich players won some awards as


was called the world’s best player, and


was named the best goalkeeper following their performance in the last season of domestic and continental competitions.

source: SportMob