Brendan Rodgers praises Harry Kane

Fri 18 December 2020 | 19:59

Leicester manager says that Kane has helped Tottenham with his new role.

Brendan Rodgers

says that changing


post has helped both his club and National team and


has seen the results of Kane’s performance in his new role.

“I think if you look through the game, you look at Roberto Firmino, he does a similar role for Liverpool. Lionel Messi did it for Barcelona. Other players have done it all through time," he told reporters ahead of Sunday's trip to face the north London side.

“You’re not seeing something being taken away from Harry’s game. You’re seeing something that’s been added to his game.

“He’s clearly a wonderful goalscorer with great ability, finishing in and around 25 or 30 yards out.

“But what you’re now seeing also is the ability of a player to drop underneath, and make passes like a midfield player.

“So I don’t think anything has been taken away from his game. I think Jose has asked him to drop that little bit deeper and I think it’s his natural intelligence.

“In Harry you can see he’s a wonderful player, he’s got a great football brain. You see him dropping underneath and having that ability to make those passes.

“So it’s an addition to how they play rather than something taken away from them.”

He also talked about their performance in important matches.

“We’ve seen over the course of all the teams that inconsistencies are there,

"Most teams’ home records are not as good as before. The lack of a crowd and lack of intensity. I can sense that for us. And then there are injuries. It’s having that ability when you do lose to bounce back. We’ve lost and then we go on a run of wins."



source: SportMob