No plans to extend pandemic restrictions

Thu 17 December 2020 | 20:48

Tebas does not expect fans to attend sport matches.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the general postponement of any sort of sport, fans were banned from attending matches across the world. Although, fans will be let in the stadiums with entrance-number limits and no plans have been made to extend limit entry.




, the government minister for sport, has met and admitted that it's unlikely now to expect fans to return.

Tebas has said:

“It would be irresponsible to ask for fans in stadiums now. It is not the right thing to do with what is happening right now in the country.

“We are aware that we are facing a phenomenon in which we do not know what is going to happen neither in the next 10 days nor in the next three. The right thing to do is to wait for Christmas to pass, because of everything we are reading that is happening across Spain. Taking another type of decision would be unwise. We are going to wait and on January 15 we will analyse what happens. It is the right thing to do.”



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source: SportMob