Gattuso: ‘This only happens in Italy.’

Wed 16 December 2020 | 23:20

Napoli manager Gennaro Gattuso firmly believes his side’s captain, Lorenzo Insigne, should not have been sent off the pitch against Inter. He says ‘In England and Scotland, they tell referees to **** off all the time.’


’s captain

Lorenzo Insigne

was sent off the pitch when he insulted the referee after he awarded a spot-kick to


, which

Romelu Lukako

converted to bring victory for his side.

This only happens in Italy,”

Gattuso told Sky Sport Italia in an irritable mood.

“I told the referee Massa that two minutes before the red card he complimented Insigne on how he was behaving as captain, then two minutes later sent him off.

“You can’t send off a player, especially the captain, for telling the referee to **** off after a dubious penalty.

“In England and Scotland, they tell referees to **** off all the time and nothing happens, only in Italy do players get sent off for this sort of thing.

“When I was a player, it was a sport, the referee should show some common sense and understand that after a dubious penalty, a player can say **** off and the official should pretend not to hear it. You can’t leave a team down to 10 men for that.

“He wasn’t even saying it to his face in an aggressive fashion.”

Napoli created many chances to score in both halves even after being decreased to 10 men.

“It was a tactical game, in my view the team put in a great performance and we tried to do something a little new tonight. If we judge the overall match, then obviously Napoli deserved the points more, but you have to score goals. It felt like we’d be there all night trying to put the ball in the net with our hands and it still wouldn’t cross the line.

“Inter came forward to get us, while we managed to play our game anyway. Unfortunately, the ball didn’t go in the net.”

source: SportMob
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