Leboeuf questions Havertz’s performance

Wed 16 December 2020 | 12:18

Chelsea’s former star talks about Havertz’s performance for the club.

The 21 years old Germany international has played in 17 games since his arrival.


has scored four goals and assisted four and


former star


is concerned about the player’s poor performance as he calls him almost invisible.

Here is what Leboeuf told ESPN when he was asked about Havertz.

"Almost invisible. I touched on the point some weeks ago. We heard Frank Lampard say, 'no, we need to give him time'.

"But I don’t know, it’s something that I don’t like, the way sometimes it feels like he’s not there, that he’s not trying to compensate for a lack of confidence with a desire or just being a warrior, showing us that, 'okay, I’m not good at the moment, but I’m going to fight for the club and not be invisible.'

"We share texts during the game and we were wondering if he was on the field. You can be bad – [Timo] Werner didn’t have a good game – but we saw him trying to get something going.

"We don’t see Havertz getting anything. I’m very concerned about that guy.

"I don’t forget the price they paid and I know he’s only 21 but we see players who arrived last summer who didn’t need much time to adapt and being very influential.

"I don’t understand what Havertz is doing right now but I want answers."

source: SportMob