Head injury affected Vertonghen for nine months

Tue 15 December 2020 | 20:05

Jan Vertonghen has admitted that he suffered several head injuries in the 2020,21 season without speaking about it.


has said he cannot change the problems he had endured in the 2018-19

Champions League


He suffered an injury in the semi-finals of the Champions League against


after colliding with his teammate

Toby Alderweireld


He continued to play at first, but after a while, it was not possible for him to continue playing and he needed medical help.


announced after the game that he did not suffer a concussion but now Vertoghen who plays in


has said that the effects of the injury have been with him for months.

"Lots of people don't know but I suffered a lot from that hit [against Ajax]: dizziness and headaches," he said in an interview with Sporza. "This is now the first time I am talking about it. I should not have continued playing, it affected me in total for nine months and that's why I couldn't bring what I wanted to on the field."

He left Tottenham last season and there were rumors of his feud with

Jose Mourinho


Vertonghan says that he never had a problem with his manager.

"Everyone thought I was angry with Mourinho, but at that point, I just couldn't [play]," he said of an incident when he was subbed off and appeared to be upset with his coach. "I still had a year left on my contract, so I had to play, but when I played, I played badly. Not many people knew that that was my own choice, it is not blaming anyone. 

"The fact I got benched had nothing to do with [Mourinho]. I was in a period I could not bring what I should have. I even thought he played me a lot compared to how I performed."





source: SportMob