We are not on the right track-Juric

Tue 15 December 2020 | 19:39

Despite being comfortably mid-table and beating the likes of Atalanta, Juric continues to aim very low with Verona.



has had good results in Serie A, having faced Lazio and Atalanta in the last three games and defeated both teams. While Verona is seventh in the table, Juric believes Verona is not at an acceptable level.

We are not at the same level as Sampdoria or Genoa, not even close

,” said the coach in his press conference. “

Results cannot hide everything and in my view, we are not on the right track


“OK fine, we are creating team spirit and getting good results, but you need another vision of football. I read about profits, but if we want to grow, then we have to look elsewhere.

“Results are covering up the problems right now, but I always said that if we want to talk about something other than avoiding relegation, then we need another approach.

“What I want to see is Verona not sell the best players, and when we do buy them, we have to actually buy them, the way other Serie A clubs do.

“As things stand, we are slightly stronger than we were two years ago when we arrived in Serie A, but nowhere close to the other clubs. I might be over the top, I understand that, but this is not my idea of growth.

“I am not attacking anyone, let’s be clear, but in the transfer market the club did have a different vision to me.”

Verona will host Sampdoria on Wednesday.


source: SportMob