Qatar royal has demanded to return €8.5m to Malaga

Tue 15 December 2020 | 14:39

Qatari royal family spends millions of Euros on the high standard of living, bankrupting Malaga club.

A Spanish court has sentenced

Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser Al Thani

, who bought


Club for

€36 million in 2010, to pay €8.5m.

According to available documents, these costs were spent on luxuries such as flights, properties, holidays, hotels and chauffeur-driven cars.

This has led to the club going bankrupt and losing after investing to reach the quarter-final of the

Champion League


After the Malaga City Council changed the name of the stadium from Sheikh Abdulla to 'Roundabout of the Malaguista', fans considered it a small victory in their fight to salvage their team.

Noelia Losada

, Culture and Sports Minister mentioned on the Twitter:

“well-deserved change of name to reward those who really feel the colours of Malaga CF”.

Fans had repeatedly expressed their dissatisfaction with the Sheikh Abdullah management in the form of graffiti.

The Association of Small Shareholders of Malaga CF (APA) filed a lawsuit against Sheikh Abdullah for “improper management, misappropriation of funds, and the imposition of abusive corporate agreements”.

A judge ordered him to post an €8 million bond on the businessman on September as he had not paid his shares in the club.

Sheikh and his sons Nasser, Nayef and Rakkan were fired respectively from their roles as president and members of the board of directors.

 APA president

Antonio Aguilera

said Sheikh Abdullah no longer has control of the club.

"We had evidence that they were taking the money from Malaga. Malaga paid for everything from Al Thani (house, private security, cars ...). We decided to file a criminal complaint against Al Thani and his son," he told Tribuna Deportiva radio.

He (Al Thani) left the club on the verge of disappearance. If the judge had not intervened, appointing a judicial administrator, Malaga CF would have disappeared on April 30.

“The sheikh no longer has anything to do with Malaga.”


source: SportMob