Pulisic returns to Chelsea ahead of their Wolves clash

Mon 14 December 2020 | 16:50

The Blues winger joins his team's training-session after recovering from a hamstring injury.

According to Frank Lampard, U.S. international,

Christian Pulisic

will return for their Tuesday match when they face


for their Premier League clash. Pulisic, who has been suffering from a hamstring injury since August, was absent from


's two recent matches including their defeat to




gave an update on the player saying: "He trained on the day we played against Everton and he felt better so he is in the squad for tomorrow.”

"It is yet to be decided whether he starts or not but it is positive news from where it was at the weekend."

Chelsea manager, who assigned

Timo Werner


Kai Havertz

to play as wingers against Everton, refused to accuse Havertz with lack of creativity in that area.

"No, we’ve been playing really well,"

he added.

"Hakim Ziyech has certainly been very pivotal and Callum, when he’s been playing, has done well and all of a sudden we are very short on wingers. But we have capabilities to still play.”

"It wasn’t the formation that we didn't get right at the weekend, it was the way we executed it, which we have players that can comfortably do that. So we just need to improve on the weekend.”

"What we have to come to terms with, it felt like Everton played very similar to how Tottenham played against us a couple of weeks ago and if people are watching us of course, they will stop us from doing what we’ve been doing well. It’s on us to find other ways.”

"We didn’t move the ball quickly enough as a team to hit the sides to maybe turn them around. So I think we just need to understand that, when teams make it difficult for us, we have to have ways to get around that. Our level dropped.”

"If we’d been at our top level we would have found a way to get around that. I certainly accept this group of players going so long unbeaten that there is one game that feels like that. And we can’t really make any excuse of not having the wingers.”

"It is unfortunate in the short term. I think we have players capable of playing in those areas so I don’t want to hang on that one. Hopefully, the wingers are all back soon anyway."

source: SportMob