Khedira: “Germany has lost a bit of identity in recent years”

Sun 13 December 2020 | 16:26

Juventus star, Sami Khedira has criticized Low’s policies.



's poor performance in 2018

World Cup

, the boss,

Joachim Low

decided to make some changes in the squad. Hence, some of the senior players like

Mats Hummels


Thomas Muller


Jerome Boateng

were left out of the squad and have not played for their national team ever since.

In this regard,



Sami Khedira

has criticized Germany boss, saying he made a wrong call on leaving out senior players.

In an interview with


, Khedira said:

"If you have good young players, then they first have to assert themselves against older players of the same quality.

"But if I clear the streets for young players and say: 'You are young, you are a candidate for 2022 or 2024', that for me is absolutely the wrong call.

"The national team has lost a bit of its identity in recent years.

“Through many changes, through many new invitations. The community has slackened a bit.

“Every club stands for something. The national team, on the other hand, is currently looking for what it stands for. That shows that what was started after the 2018 World Cup is not yet bearing fruit."


also believes Germany’s connection with the fans is a little off:

“I would like people to sit in front of the TV again and say: 'Great, Germany is playing.' I know that feeling from my time as a fan.

“I was part of the German fan block at the 2008 European Championship."

source: SportMob