Raiola reacts to Bild’s report

Sun 13 December 2020 | 12:54

Raiola says that Bild’s report about Pogba was fake news.

Mino Raiola



the champion of fake news after the paper’s new report.

“Champion of fake news, like always, the Bild doesn’t disappoint, amazing how fake news always spread around,”

Raiola wrote on Twitter



has also reacted to the news and rumors about him. Here is what he wrote about the matter on his social media account.

“I’ve always fought and will always fight for Manchester United, my teammates and the fans. Bla bla is not important. The future is far, today is what matters and I am 1000% involved! Always strong together.  all has been clear between the club and myself and that will never change.

When you don’t know what’s going on inside don’t talk.”

Manchester United’s

boss has also backed Pogba after the Manchester derby.

“There’s been other players that’s been refusing to train, refusing to play – and they’re not here anymore, of course. But Paul’s not once done that,”

he said


“He’s just focused on performing when he gets a chance and that’s the good thing about Paul, that he’s got the quality but he’s also got the desire to do well when he comes on, like he did against Leipzig.”


source: SportMob