‘Van Dijk’s injury was a real shame to Liverpool’ – Firmino

Sun 13 December 2020 | 10:48

The Brazil international Roberto Firmino believes the injury inflicted on Virgil Van Dijk has been a ‘real shame’ to Liverpool as he played a crucial role both on and off the pitch for the squad.

Roberto Firmino

declared that any victory would be paid as a tribute to the injured defender.



Van Dijk

has been severely injured in the clash with Everton in October and had to undergo an operation, consequently, missing the rest of the season. Firmino acknowledged that the injuries and coronavirus cases have put the team in ‘unusual’ territory.

He said: “

The injury to Virgil van Dijk was a real shame because he is not only an important player on the field for us but also in the dressing room.

“We all miss him of course and the squad wants to dedicate the successes we achieve this campaign to him.

“I think we have shown that we have a great squad of players, so, our target remains the same.

“It is true, of course, that this season is very unusual. You cannot ignore that because of the players missing with coronavirus and in our case with injuries too.

"I think this will level up the competition a lot for the rest of the season and make it even more difficult to win the title.

“But our challenge is to be champions again. So, we have to keep our options open at the top of the table and be ready for a long campaign


Firmino added: “

What we are experiencing now, and what we experienced at the end of last season, is different to any situation we have been through before.

"The healthiest team, in all ways, and the most consistent side could well be the one with the best chance of being champion.

“But we will do everything we can to make sure it is us. Winning the Premier League twice in a row would be fulfilling a dream since I came here.

"First it was the Champions League, then the Premier League and now I want another one. Everybody is the same


source: SportMob