Tacopina talks about USA talents in Serie A

Sat 12 December 2020 | 17:32

Joe Tacopina says that there will be more American talents in Serie A.

Many American players will join

Serie A



according to the Italian-American lawyer


who will be working with the Serie C club



"I believe that playing in Italy is a very romantic idea for American players,"

Tacopina told Goal


"Serie A is one of the best leagues in the world and in America, they follow teams like Juve, Milan, Inter and Roma. This is something very exciting for American players, so, I know that for them it would be an honor to play in Italy.

"I believe that the problem is the talent. Not on a physical level, because I believe that American athletes have great quality on a physical level thanks to the advanced systems of training in the US, the nutritional programmes and all the rest.

"But, from a tactical point of view, we are still behind and we're still lacking something in terms of the level of coaches and training methods.

"However, this problem is becoming less evident. You only have to look at how Weston McKennie is doing at Juventus or Pulisic, first in Germany with Dortmund, and now at Chelsea.

"We're starting to see some true talents emerging in the US and I think that's only a question of time before we see many US players in Serie A.

"It will certainly be one of the things that I do at Catania, because I want to continue to grow the brand in North America, where there are so many Sicilians. For this reason, I consider Catania a club with so much appeal for the US, where there are so many Sicilian-American or Italian-American families.

"If we managed to find a Giuseppe Rossi, an Italian-American, for Catania, it would be something very interesting for us from both a technical and branding perspective. In any case, I think that we will start to see more American players in Italian football, in Serie A or Serie B.

"In my years at Roma, Bologna and Venezia, we did trials with many American players but they didn't work out, because there was still too big a gap in technical quality, but now, I'm sure that it will happen with great frequency."


source: SportMob