Solskjaer is ready for the Man City clash

Fri 11 December 2020 | 19:57

Solskjaer says that it is a good time for the Manchester derby.


thinks that


players will go for the win with more ambition after their disappointment in the

Champions League


"They want to bounce back and win the next one. We've handled setbacks well, during games and before the next game. You need to analyze what went wrong.

"It's important not to press the panic button because you can't win every game. Some games will hurt more than others and have more consequences than others.

"We're facing the reality of no Champions League and we move on. We need to get back into the Champions League by improving.

"Of course, we were disappointed on Tuesday night, it's natural, we really wanted to go through. We've got to move on. It was a tight group decided by fine margins, you can see that in most games," Solskjaer said in a news conference on Friday.

"It was a long travel back [from Leipzig], so we had a day of recovery on Wednesday and after that the focus has been good, focus on this game, the Manchester derby, probably the best game you can ask for after such a disappointment because it does stick in your system."

Manchester United is going to face

Manchester City

after a painful exit from the Champions League and it will be an important match for Solskjaer as he has been facing so much criticism lately.


source: SportMob