Guardiola talks about Solskjaer’s performance

Fri 11 December 2020 | 19:17

Man City’s boss has backed Manchester United’s boss and his performance.

Here is what


said about

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s

performance as

Manchester United’s


"The important thing is to know the value of Solskjaer, there is no doubt about this. I don’t have to give him support because he is strong enough, he knows how it works in this job.

"When we win we are a genius and when we lose you have to be sacked. It happens at United and all the clubs around the world, it is a reality."

He went on talking about his failure in taking the


further than the Quarter Finals in the

Champions League


"What is not going to change is the margin to be in the next round or to be out in the group stages, it's so minimal,"

he added

"With a 1-1 against PSG, Martial has two clear chances and he misses, and Leipzig was 3-3 and they win 4-3 in the 94th minute and that’s why they have the chance to win the last game.

"Even in the last minute it could have been 3-3 and it would have been about the spirit and character of United. But this is the Champions League.

"We have to accept it. The margin at this level is so high so big teams can be out. That’s why always when we win one game in the group stage I congratulate the players because it is so difficult.

"The Premier League is the same. Every time we are able to do it is a big compliment. In the process every time we win we think about the next game. This is the way we have to live our profession."

source: SportMob