Who are the most important coaches in Silva’s career?

Fri 11 December 2020 | 18:44

Thiago Silva has talked about the coaches with the biggest impact on his career.



Thiago Silva

has talked about some of his former coaches that had a big role in his career.

“We can learn all the time,”

he told the Brazilian FA.

“With some coaches that I worked with, I saw how not to do things, whether it was in man management or in tactical work. But I also met a lot of good people.

“If I had to name three coaches whose work inspired me the most, I would have to saw Brazil coach Tite, Carlo Ancelotti and Thomas Tuchel.

“Regarding Tite and Ancelotti, it’s almost impossible to love one and dislike the other because they are very similar. But the three of them understand football a lot and they stand out on a human level.

“And I can’t avoid mentioning a few of the coaches at the star of my career in Brazil, like Ivo Wortman, Oswaldo de Oliveira and Renato Gaucho.”

He had a good spell at Paris and he says that he is still a fan of the club.

“Personally, I’ll always remain a supporter of them,”

he said.

“It’s a team that works very well and it was difficult to leave.”

The Brazilian will face one of his former coaches on Chelsea’s next Premier League fixture against




source: SportMob