Lampard urges his players to avoid the risks of coronavirus

Fri 11 December 2020 | 10:17

The Chelsea boss tries to manage his players in this situation as the coronavirus has affected the lives inside and outside the sport.

Frank Lampard



players must be careful not to run the risk of getting corona during the holidays and avoid risky behaviors as the coronavirus is still spreading in the United Kingdom.

Chelsea are planning for their busy December in

Premier League

since they are only two points away from




and are in third place.

Lampard admits that Chelsea players have more responsibility because London coming under the UK Government’s ‘Tier 2’ Covid-19 restrictions.

“I will possibly have those conversations," Lampard said about ensuring good behavior from his players. "I’d better read up on the tier system - there are certain factual things about tiers that a lot of us have doubts about.

“I know the basics and the players should do by now and I will reiterate to them their responsibilities. I think the Christmas party thing of yesteryear has mellowed now anyway regardless.

"Players are so well followed now on social media now that some of the parties I might have been involved in are a thing of the past.

“On a serious note, I do think we have missed out a bit. We have new signings this year, a new fresh squad in a way. And we have missed the opportunity to go out to dinner together more often and it’s been one of the tough parts of Covid. But it’s the same for everybody.

“Responsibilities for players are big, as role models to the outside world, for their professional careers, to do the right thing, particularly when they are playing so frequently over Christmas. They have to live differently to the rest of the public potentially and focus. That’s a constant reminder but yes, I will have those conversations.”



source: SportMob