Another English scandal

Thu 10 December 2020 | 20:39

A picture was leaked showing Jack Grealish with an unknown woman on bed.

A picture was leaked from

Jack Grealish

with a woman which probably should have been private. This is not something new in the world of football especially for English players.

Earlier this season, Mason Greenwood and Phil Foden, two young International players of Manchester United and Manchester City invited girls to their hotel rooms while they were with the National team in Iceland. Both players returned to the country because they were accused of breaching the Covid-19 protocols.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka also had the same problem. Leaking private pictures and news is not something new among Premier League players. Having a private life is allowed but the players should have their own privacy because they are as much of a human as the rest of the people.

Media, especially English media is playing an important part in the so-called, ‘English Scandals’. A few years back some of the academy players of Leicester City while on tour in Asia were exposed. Nigel Pearson’s son was among the players in the footage and Leicester City’s manager at the time lost his job because of the incident.

Jack Grealish who is experiencing his best year in his career is the last victim of this scandals and we should wait and see if disturbing player’s private life by the English media will come to an end or not. Surely a hard effort is needed and the fans should stop sneaking into player’s personal life.

source: SportMob