Robinho faces prison time after rape conviction upheld

Thu 10 December 2020 | 18:26

Former Real Madrid, Manchester City, and Milan star Robinho has been convicted of rape in 2017 but his plea process with the Italian courts has been continuing in the years since, and recently sentenced to nine-year in prison in his native Brazil upheld.

Now, Brazilian outlet UOL has declared that the sentence has been confirmed by the Italian Court of Appeal after the judge rejected an appeal from the defense which tried to disqualify the victim with photos of her drinking alcohol.



has said he is not guilty and pledges to fight the accusations, which alleges he was in gang rape of a 22-year-old Albanian woman in a Milan nightclub in January 2013.

Santos accepted to get the 36-year-old back to the team for a third time earlier this year but the decision was massively criticized because of his connection with the criminal case, and they have now eliminated their deal with him.

Prison immediately, I have no more to say. There is still an appeal, but…What more do you want? Prison. No rapist can be applauded,

” the Minister of Women, Family and Human Rights in Brazil, Damares Alves told reporters in October.


netted 35 goals in 137 games for Madrid between 2005 and 2009..

source: SportMob