Griezmann cut ties with Huawei

Thu 10 December 2020 | 17:37

The Frenchman decides to give an end to his contract with the Chinese company after their involvement in repressing Uighurs Muslims was revealed.

Following the reports of


involvement in repressing Uighurs, who are a Muslim minority,



Antoine Griezmann

, announced that he has decided to end his contract with the tech company.

Griezmann wrote on



"Following strong suspicions that the Huawei company has contributed to the development of a 'Uighur alert' thanks to facial recognition software, I am announcing the immediate termination of my partnership with the company."

"I take this opportunity to invite Huawei to not just deny these accusations but to take concrete actions as quickly as possible to condemn this mass repression, and to use its influence to contribute to the respect of human and women's rights in society."

The Frenchman, who took part in Huawei advertisements as their global brand ambassador, made this decision after an AP investigation found out that the Chinese government is slashing birth rates among Muslim minorities to encourage majorities on having more children.



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source: SportMob