Rashford thanks his mother after being awarded an MBE

Thu 10 December 2020 | 17:09

The Red Devils player thanked his mother after being honored at the Sports Journalists’ Association British Sports Awards.

Manchester United


Marcus Rashford

, spoke of his mother and her influence in his life after being awarded an MBE and named as an SJA Sport for Social Change winner alongside other players. The striker talked about his mother saying:

“She lived the struggle. That is why it means the world to me that she is happy now and she is right next to me with everything that I do, she believes as strongly as I do that things need to change.”

“When there’s been setbacks she’s the first person to ring me to say ‘don’t worry, keep going’. It helps me not to lose sight of what it was that I started.”

“It has been a difficult period for everyone with the lockdown and the virus.”

“At the beginning of the year I was injured as well, I was really down and it gave me the determination and drive I was missing from not being involved in football games. I put everything I had into that.”

Rashford, who scored 77 goals, in 232 appearances for the Red Devils, added:

“All the good things that have happened this year has come from Manchester United giving me an opportunity as a kid.”

“I don’t just remember the last year or the last five years. I’m talking about when nobody in my family drove and I had to get to training and United had people to come and take me to the training ground and take me back home when I was six, seven, eight, nine.”

“The times they put me into accommodation when my mum was struggling at home, when I was 11 and I was there up until 16/17.”

“It is a lot deeper than what people see sometimes. I think people see some of the stuff that has been happening since I’ve been in the first team but the bond that I have with United is much greater than these last five years.”

“It will forever be greater than probably my actual career because they are the reason I have become a footballer, they have given me the opportunity to express myself and to find out I had talent in football.”

source: SportMob