Lampard: “I was heavily influenced by Ancelotti”

Thu 10 December 2020 | 16:49

On a pre-match press conference, Frank Lampard comments on the reunion with his former boss, Carlo Ancelotti.


prepare for the

Premier League

match against


after the draw with


in the

Champions League

. The match will take place on Saturday at 11.30 pm at Goodison Park Stadium.

In this match, Chelsea boss

Frank Lampard

will reunite with his former boss at Chelsea,

Carlo Ancelotti


Ancelotti led the blues to the Premier League title in


. Under Ancelotti’s leadership, Lampard appeared in 60 games for Chelsea and scored 32 goals.

Now, in the pre-match press conference against Everton, Lampard has talked about his former mentor;

"I was heavily influenced by him as a player and a man,"

claimed Lampard.

"He is right at the top when I speak about the managers I've worked with for everything about him, the huge success he has had at a number of clubs.

"One to one I found him to be a great coach, a great man and I look forward at all times to seeing him and speaking to him."


had a brilliant start to the season, but they couldn’t keep up the good work and now, with only one win out of their last seven matches, they are sitting 9


in the Premier League table;

"That's the nature of the Premier League, they started very well and have quality players, and have a fantastic manager who is one of the best in the world,"

Lampard added.

The Premier League is unforgiving. We all have patches where results are challenging but it doesn't change my thoughts about how I approach Everton.

"They are a very good side, with quality individuals, who can win games. I'm focusing on their strengths and dangers when we go there."

source: SportMob