A new judicial victory for Barcelona in CAS

Thu 10 December 2020 | 14:46

Barcelona won a four-year legal battle with Brazilian club, Santos.

Spanish media reported today that


had won the lawsuit against


, according to which the Brazilian club should pay

$ 2.9 million

in compensation to Barca.

The reason behind the lawsuit was the transfer of


from Santos to


4 years ago.

Gabriel Barbosa

, nicknamed


, left Santos for Inter in 2016, while


claimed that Santos had violated the rules.

In 2013, following


's transfer from Santos to Barca, the two clubs agreed that whenever Gabigol had an offer from a European club, Santos would have to inform Barcelona, ​​and the Catalan club would have three days to give an offer to sign the Brazilian forward.

Santos informed Barcelona about Inter’s offer, but did not wait 72 hours and finalized the transfer. Barca formed a lawsuit against Santos and it was finally announced today that they had won the case and Santos have to compensate for the Spanish club for €2.9m. It should be noted that Gabigol had a very unsuccessful period at Inter, but now he is having a good time at the Brazilian club,



source: SportMob