Bologna winger praises the boss, Sinisa Mihajlovic

Thu 10 December 2020 | 14:23

Vignato; “Mihajlovic’s desire to win motivates us”

With 12 points out of 10 matches,


are currently 10th in

Serie A


Bologna winger,

Emanuel Vignato

has praised their boss and arguably the best free kick taker of all time,

Sinisa Mihajlovic


In an interview with

Corriere dello Sport

, the 20-year-old midfielder said;

“It’s a very normal relationship, as it should be between a player and the coach.

“He explains things to me, makes me understand where I’m wrong.

“Nothing more. He coaches and I play, it’s a simple relationship. I was struck by his desire to win.

“A desire that motivates everyone.”


also claims the only thing they think about is scoring more goals;

“We have to give even more to achieve our goals. We don’t think about Europe, we just have to score as many points as possible.

“I don’t like playing without the fans. The public gives you an extra boost, but it depends on the player.”

source: SportMob