Bayern director explains Juventus target and current players

Thu 10 December 2020 | 13:27

Bayern Munich star and CEO, Karl-Heiz Rumenigge talked about some Juventus-related matters in an interview.

He spoke of the situation related to David Alaba, whose deal is due to end in June 2021, which has drawn several rich suitors in Europe, but who also has not fully closed extension talks with his current team:

Every club focuses on strengthening their roster so it is normal for them to target Alaba. Now it is up to him to make a decision about he future: maybe he will switch team or maybe he will change his mind and stay with us, we will see


He intensely denied any ties to Paulo Dybala despite some rumors over the years: 

I have heard such buzz but I can guarantee there is no truth to it. I have never even had a real conversation with his agent.

He ended the interview by talking about Douglas Costa, who got back on loan in October: 

We have not decided yet whether we will acquire him on a permanent basis. We have been happy with him so far, we found him well. We needed a player with his dribbling skills.

The Brazilian player has played in 15 games so far in all competitions, starting five times and providing two goals and two assists. Finally, both teams would have to settle the fee next summer because the first contract did not involve a predetermined option to buy at the end of loan time.

source: SportMob