Baseksehir coach condemns racist words from the match official

Thu 10 December 2020 | 7:19

Okan Buruk has spoken about the incident at Parc des Princes and his abused colleague.

Pierre Webo

was sent off after his reaction to alleged racist words from

Sebastian Coltescu

during Baseksehir’s Tuesday match against


. Coltescu was the match’s fourth official and the game was stopped in the 14th minute after Besaksehir’s Demba Ba confronted the Romanian official. UEFA reversed the referee’s decision to send Webo out and let the Cameroonian assistant be present in the match’s restart the night after. PSG managed to gain a 5-1 victory over the Turkish team and qualified to the next round of the competition as the first team of their group ahead of

RB Leipzig

. In a post-match interview, Besaksehir’s coach Okan Buruk has spoken about the incident.

"Webo was really, really sad,

"We supported him, but it was not him who must have felt bad. The culprit is the person who said these words. He's the one who must be feeling bad.

"We showed that we were all together with Webo. We must stop this, live together. Demba's words were sacred too, very important."


source: SportMob