Conte showed his irritation in Shakhtar’s post-match interview

Thu 10 December 2020 | 5:10

Although Inter Milan only needed a win against Shakhtar to secure qualification, a draw against the Ukrainian led them to finish bottom of their Champions League group for the first time in their history.


became irritated as he was asked if there was a lack of determination for a must-win fixture in his post-match interview.

“You can have your opinion, I respect that. I do not agree, because I think the team gave all it had, did all it needed to. It’s incredible that over two games that we dominated against Shakhtar; we didn’t score a single goal.

“I don’t agree we lacked determination at all. My players gave their all tonight, so I absolutely do not agree.

“We have to evaluate everything with cool heads, not after an exit like this. There is a great deal of regret and disappointment, but I absolutely do not feel we were lacking determination, focus or aggression.

“We lacked a goal and throughout the Champions League campaign, we have not been fortunate with referees and the VAR. If you go back and look at all the situations that were not seen or evaluated, then…

“Having said that, there is disappointment because we had the chances, but if you don’t score goals, you don’t win.”

Sky’s pundit,

Fabio Capello

, suggested that there was not the determination, the desire to win at all costs, which



“I have no response to that.”


Also was asked about his late substitutions, as he didn’t make any until

Ivan Perisic

at the 68th minute for

Ashley Young


Alexis Sanchez


Roberto Gagliardini

at the 75th, then

Christian Eriksen


Matteo Darmian


Danilo D’Ambrosio

were last-gasp attempts on 86 minutes.

“I introduced Alexis Sanchez with 20 minutes to go including stoppages. We would’ve been unbalanced with three strikers, but then I think Lautaro ran out of steam. In midfield, those were the players I had.

“It was either Alexis or Eriksen for Gagliardini, but I preferred to add another striker and go for the win. When I saw Lautaro was out of steam, I introduced Eriksen.”

His mood turned even sourer when he was asked how Inter drew 0-0 with


in both Champions League clashes as they beat this team 5-0 in the Europa League semi-final in August.

“Shakhtar came here and transformed their tactics against us in order to neutralise us. They lost 5-0, so that’s why they changed. Think before asking questions!”



asked Conte of the existence of any plan B, he responded:

“We do have a Plan B, but I won’t talk about it here, otherwise that’ll be a total disaster and that’ll get neutralised too.”

source: SportMob