Chelsea fight against racism with ’49 Flames’ exhibition

Wed 09 December 2020 | 19:16

Chelsea have started a project concerning the long-established campaign called ‘Say No To Anti-Semitism.’

The Blues have contracted with

Solomon Souza

, who is a street artist, to establish an exhibition devoted to Jewish athletes and Holocaust named ’

49 Flames


Souza, who painted a Stamford Bridge mural last year that celebrates the Jewish footballers who passed away in the Holocaust, managed an exhibition that is aimed to describe the story of the Holocaust through Jewish athletes’ perspective. 49 Olympic medallists had been killed in the genocide which inspired the name ’49 Flames.’

Frank Lampard


Emma Hayes



men and women managers, have paid their respect to Souza and the club’s long-running stand against discrimination, and racism.

Sport has an enormous power to unite people and, by sharing the stories of these athletes, we hope to inspire future generations to always fight against anti-Semitism, discrimination and racism, wherever they find it,

” Lampard said.

Hayes added: “

This is so important as we know that sport has not been immune to the horrors of the past.

“This exhibition brings back some of the darkest moments of our history. We see the Holocaust through the eyes of male and female athletes from around the world.”


source: SportMob