"Playing for Milan is a beautiful thing"-Sandro Tonali

Wed 09 December 2020 | 12:10

Sandro Tonali claimed he needed time ‘to settle in’ at the Rossoneri

The Milan midfielder claimed that he only needs time to get better.

Sandro Tonali

joined AC Milan last summer after Brescia were relegated but has yet to make a decent showing.

I arrived after a month of inactivity

,” Tonali told Sky Sport Italia. “

It was difficult to resume playing after the holiday, especially in a new team


“It took time, I spent a couple of weeks or the first month to settle in. But once you get into the rhythm of things, get to know the teammates, the coach and the staff, it become easy to move forward in such a group.”

Tonali also confirmed that he is a big fan of Milan.

“When you are a footballer, you play with love, because it’s your passion,”

he said

. “In addition, playing for Milan, which is your favourite team, it’s a beautiful thing.

“These things must be taken into consideration because it’s the team I have always followed, all my life.”

The former Brescia midfielder praised Stefano Pioli and said the players are ‘happy’ to have him at Milanello.

Pioli is our leader. He’s the first person who is showing us the right path, we all follow him together

,” Tonali added.

“You can spend hours talking to him, he can explain everything to you. He’s open with us and we are happy to have such a coach.”

Milan has perfect conditions these days and is at the top of the Serie A table.

It’s more than a rebirth, I think it’s a birth,”

Tonali continued.

“It’s nice to be part of this team and continue to win and above all to convince


“The numbers are incredible; we haven’t lost since March and have these great results in Serie A.

“Milan are special, you can’t feel bad here. It has never happened to any player to feel bad in this club.

“It’s different because the people who are here, who follow you and are close to you, are all humble people.”

And given the period and his wish fulfilled so far, the journalist asked what the 20-year-old would ask from Santa Lucia this time.

“I will do it like every year,” he said. “I don’t know what I will write, but Santa Lucia has already listened to me and has already given me so much.

“She didn’t just give me the full kit, she gave me all of Milan, so I don’t expect much from her this year.”

source: SportMob